Our Service

Shenzhen YOUSAN Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional electronic goods manufacturer, mainly providing USB Flash Drive,Powerbank,wireless charger and mini fans research and development, production, customization, mold opening and other services. There are more than 100 existing mold styles, which can help customers customize and develop new styles. At the same time, it has rich experience in assembly and production.

Service Items:

  • (1) Assembly and production of existing public models:
  • All the public models on the market can be assembled and manufactured, and mass production can be completed in a short time. Customers’ OEM/ODM orders can also be accepted.
  • (2) Customized Logo
  • Customers who demand for customized gifts can choose styles. We can also recommend styles, custom logos, patterns, slogans, etc. There are options including high price, medium price and low price, customers can choose the style according to the budget. Free design, chargers of the existing styles can be subscribed with the minimum order of 200 sets.
  • (3) Function customization
  • Customers need to customize the wireless charger function, our factory can provide engineering services, including punching, pasting, production, packaging, etc., one-stop service, the function customization needs a large number, small batch cannot be realized in this way. Note: All design services are free and customized boxes and instructions are accepted.

We look forward to your inquiry!